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“Every time I have reached out to Brock Restoration they have gone over and above my expectations. I refer work to them regularly because of the expertise of their sales staff and the follow through on the office staff. I today had my home carpets cleaned and Tim & Rodney came in and did an excellent job in a very reasonable amount of time. I appreciate all of the help from Brock keep it up. They are always there when we need them especially Jason Abdon.” – Jamey B.

Water Damage Restoration Florence KY

When water damage strikes your home or business in Florence, it can be a daunting challenge. We’re a trusted water damage restoration company that’s always ready to respond, providing 24/7 service to ensure you’re never left in the lurch. Our superb BBB A rating stands as proof of our high-quality service. We’re a proud local business, providing expert water damage repair services in Florence since 1995, with our team of trained and experienced professionals.

Always Ready: 24/7 Emergency Water Removal Services

We understand that water damage in Florence, KY, doesn’t keep business hours. That’s why our water damage restoration company is always on call, providing 24/7 emergency water damage repair services. Whether it’s a pipe burst, flood devastation, or sewage backup, our team of experts will promptly provide water removal and restoration services.

Comprehensive Water Damage Cleanup and Restoration

At our water damage restoration company, we tackle all types of water and flood damage issues. Our comprehensive services include water removal, water damage cleanup, and full-scale water damage repair in Florence, KY. We utilize cutting-edge equipment and techniques to restore your home or business to its original, pre-damage state.

Our Water Damage Restoration Process

Water Removal Florence KY

Our water damage restoration process begins with an exhaustive inspection of your property to gauge the level of the damage. Our skilled team will scrutinize every nook and cranny, from walls to floors and beyond, to accurately determine the extent of the water damage.
Upon ascertaining the scope of the damage, we formulate a personalized plan for the water damage repair and restoration. We take into account various factors, including the severity of the damage, the water type involved, and the affected materials.

Employing the latest tools and methodologies, our water removal and restoration efforts are efficient and effective. We utilize specialized drying machines, high-capacity water extraction equipment, and advanced moisture sensors to ensure your property is restored promptly and prevent further damage.

Water in the Basement? We Can Help with Our Guaranteed Water Removal Services in Florence, KY

Basements are often a hotspot for water damage in homes and businesses. Detecting basement water damage can be tricky until it becomes severe. Typical causes of basement water damage in Florence include flooding, pipe bursts, sewage backup, and groundwater intrusion.
Unchecked basement water damage can lead to mold and mildew growth, posing health hazards such as respiratory issues. The excess moisture can also result in structural damage to your property’s foundation and walls, threatening the overall structural integrity. Water damage in the basement can even lead to electrical hazards.

Our water damage restoration company has the necessary experience and expertise to manage basement water damage, restoring your property to its original state. Our Florence water damage experts will thoroughly examine your basement, identify the water damage source and extent, and design a customized plan to address the damage and prevent recurring issues.

Take Precautions: Don’t Handle Sewage Damage Cleanup Alone

Water Damage Cleanup Florence KY

Sewage backup is a serious and urgent problem. It can lead to substantial property damage and health hazards. Causes of sewage backup can range from clogged sewer lines to heavy rainfalls and floods. Regardless of the cause, immediate action is crucial to prevent additional damage to your property and potential health risks.
Our trained experts are well-versed in the safe and effective handling of sewage damage cleanup. We understand the risks involved and take all necessary precautions to safeguard you and your property. We utilize specialized gear and robust pumps to remove sewage and contaminated materials from your property.

If you’re grappling with sewage damage or any water damage issues, don’t delay in taking action. Contact our water damage restoration company at (513) 481-5844.

Navigating the Insurance Process For You

Dealing with insurance claims during a water damage crisis can be stressful. That’s why we are here to assist you through the insurance process. We work directly with your insurance company, ensuring that your claim is processed correctly, and you get the coverage you deserve.

Florence’s Top Water Damage Cleanup Experts

We are dedicated to providing superior water damage repair and restoration services. Our seasoned professionals are always ready to help, providing round-the-clock assistance for all your water damage cleanup needs, including basement water damage and sewage damage. As a local business, operating since 1995 and proud of our BBB A rating, we’re here for you. Call us today at (513) 481-5844 to schedule an appointment with our team of water damage restoration experts.

We provide water damage restoration to Florence KY, including 41022, 41042, 41091

What our customers are saying

Outstanding service and attention to detail. I am a property owner who had major floods in 14 of my offices. Brock Restoration got to my location very quickly and did an amazing job with the water damage restoration and flood clean up.

Alex Green

The fellas were very respectful and did a great job, from the first day right through to the end with our water damage restoration.

Audrey A.

Brock’s guys were very professional

Beth H.

Brock Restoration is amazing and I would highly recommend them! Not only did they come through during an emergency – but their high level of professionalism, customer service, and quality of work are unmatched. Thank you Brock Restoration!

Eddie Nunez

We were directed to Brock restoration by our insurance company after a pipe burst in our basement. They are great ! They did some drying, painting (in various parts of the house), flooring in the basement and mold remediation work. At least 10 people came to our house to perform all the work, and they …

Hélène Bailleul-Desodt

I am very happy with the quick response to the drying of my ceiling and flooring

Jenny E.

Brock restoration did an A++ job of cleaning up after a flood and listed everything I lost so that it could be claimed with the insurance company and MSD. Very nice and friendly. Incredibly efficient. I would definitely advise using them.

John Mauntel

We were pleased at at how fast Brock Restoration arrived. They were also helpful and professional when they got here.

Ken P.

Brock Restoration did excellent work with the flood cleanup!

Tami A.