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Restoration After Water and Smoke Damage

May 13 2016
After a house fire that causes water and smoke damage, you will need disaster cleanup and disaster restoration services from a company that specializes in fire damage restoration near Cincinnati. Professional fire damage cleanup services will reduce your risk of…

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The Dangers of Mold in Your Home

Apr 08 2016
People suffering from physical illness in their homes with no apparent cause may have a house in need of mold remediation in Cincinnati. Mold is unsightly and can give your home a bad odor, but it can also affect the…

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Making Your Home Inhospitable to Mold

Mar 29 2016
One word that is guaranteed to strike fear into the hearts of homeowners is mold. Mold can be dangerous to your family’s health and costly to repair. That is why the best way to deal with mold is to prevent…

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The Water Damage Cleanup Process

Mar 07 2016
The spring season is just around the corner, and this time of year may bring additional rain and other weather events to the state of Ohio. In the event that your home experiences flooding, you will want to schedule water…

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Waiting for home repair after a storm or flood? Time to get to work!

Feb 23 2016
Waiting for the repairman after a storm or flood can be just that -- waiting. But choosing to do nothing while waiting could lead to more water getting into the house and mold spreading, causing more damage. Taking a proactive…

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Understanding Storm Watches and Storm Warnings

Jan 19 2016
Ohio is subject to harsh winter conditions. From freezing temperatures well below zero, to freezing rains and never-ending snow storms, there’s a lot to be prepared for. For this reason, the National Weather Service sends out “storm watches” and “storm…

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Preparing Your Home For Winter

Nov 11 2015
Cold weather has officially hit but we aren’t in the full swing of winter yet. As fall begins to cede to winter, now is the time to prepare your house for the cold weather before winter take over. Getting the…

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Backpack Preparedness

It’s official—summer has ended. With Labor Day passing and the weather cooling off it is definitely the beginning of autumn. This means one thing: back to school. Whether your kids are excited or not it’s that time again to hit…

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Barbecue Safety Tips Infographic

Jul 28 2015
Be safe this summer with your barbecues. Here are some tips and things to watch out for while barbecuing your favorite meals to prevent fires.  

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4 Spring Cleaning Tips to Avoid Disasters

As the seasons change, chances for disaster within the home can become even more likely. As winter turns to spring melting snow and changing temperatures can lead to disaster within the home, including water damage and mold. Take the spring…

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What our customers are saying

Outstanding service and attention to detail. I am a property owner who had major floods in 14 of my offices. Brock Restoration got to my location very quickly and did an amazing job with the water damage restoration and flood clean up.

Alex Green

The fellas were very respectful and did a great job, from the first day right through to the end with our water damage restoration.

Audrey A.

Brock’s guys were very professional

Beth H.

Brock Restoration is amazing and I would highly recommend them! Not only did they come through during an emergency – but their high level of professionalism, customer service, and quality of work are unmatched. Thank you Brock Restoration!

Eddie Nunez

We were directed to Brock restoration by our insurance company after a pipe burst in our basement. They are great ! They did some drying, painting (in various parts of the house), flooring in the basement and mold remediation work. At least 10 people came to our house to perform all the work, and they …

Hélène Bailleul-Desodt

I am very happy with the quick response to the drying of my ceiling and flooring

Jenny E.

Brock restoration did an A++ job of cleaning up after a flood and listed everything I lost so that it could be claimed with the insurance company and MSD. Very nice and friendly. Incredibly efficient. I would definitely advise using them.

John Mauntel

We were pleased at at how fast Brock Restoration arrived. They were also helpful and professional when they got here.

Ken P.

Brock Restoration did excellent work with the flood cleanup!

Tami A.