Answering Common Questions About Fire Remediation

Whether an unattended candle fell over, or you became distracted while cooking for the family, any size fire should be handled properly. Most people are not so familiar with fire restoration, so you may be wondering how it works. To begin, you’ll need clearance to go back in your house. You will also need the help of a professional cleaning service, as the fire itself probably won’t be all that you have to deal with. There are so many elements to fire remediation, so here are a few of the commonly asked questions.

FAQ About Fire Remediation

When can I go back inside?

People may go through a wide range of emotions after a fire, and those questions might motivate them to run back inside and check on their home. Unfortunately, a fire can cause serious damage to your home, so it might not be safe to go back inside for a while. Your local fire department will need to clear the area long before you can start thinking about fire restoration services. Only after the authorities have cleared you can you go back into your home and assess the damages for yourself.

So what should you do? After you have gotten everyone to safety, call 911 immediately. Then get far enough away that you are not at risk. Do not go back inside, or anywhere near the fire until it has been completely handled by the fire department. They will come speak with you after they are done, and let you know when it’s safe. This usually takes about an hour after a fire, but can take a few hours depending on the size of the fire. You can use this time to call your insurance provider to let them know what happened.

A blackened kitchen after fire damage. No furniture, but soot-stained walls and cabinetry.

Can I fix the fire damage myself?

Due to the extensive damage and the nature of a fire, it is never a good idea to attempt fire restoration on your own. Instead, you should call a fire restoration company as soon as you are allowed to go back into your house or building. Your fire restoration and smoke removal professionals are experienced in dealing with this type of damage, and they know what to look for when it comes to revitalizing your home. Attempting to take this task on by yourself can be extremely dangerous, so make sure you talk to your local fire department as well as your fire restoration company before doing any remediation on your own.

Again, depending on the size of the fire, each restoration job takes varying lengths of time. For minor damage, a restoration may only take a few hours. The best way you can help is to provide your restoration company with information on what you need and how the place should look when they are done.

Is fire the only thing I need to worry about?

The fire itself is not the only element that can cause serious damage to your home. Smoke can be harmful as well, and it can seep into the very walls of your house. A quality restoration company will know how to identify and restore any damage caused by smoke.

Additionally, the water that was used to fight the fire can also damage your home. Lucky for you, Brock Restoration is fully equipped to handle any and all types of water damage, and can quickly identify what should be done. You can call us at 513-214-3879, or you can contact us here for any and all fire, smoke, and water damage.

A home damaged after a large fire. Shingles and wall parts are burned and fallen down.