Steps You Can Take to Prevent Frozen Pipes

If your home has ever had frozen or burst pipes, then you know the pain of water damage and flood repair. Keeping your pipes from freezing is crucial during the winter, because it can save you from extensive water and flood damage repair near Cincinnati, OH. Continue reading to learn some easy steps to prevent frozen pipes this winter.

Drain and Store Garden Hoses

When preparing for the winter, do not forget your outdoor gardening and pool supplies. Your gardening hoses, sprinklers, and any other type of irrigation should be unhooked and drained before storing them in a secure, dry, and warm location. If you have a swimming pool, then call for a professional pool maintenance and winterization service. They will likely drain the pool and any water supply lines. These actions will prevent frozen and burst pipes outside and inside, which will save you from future water damage cleanup.

Use Pipe Insulating Materials

Any exposed pipes, outside and inside of your house, should be wrapped in a secure insulating material. There are a few different possibilities, such as heat tape and pipe sleeves, that are inexpensive and will help protect your exposed pipes from freezing temperatures. Wrapping newspaper around your pipes can also insulate them, but this is a temporary measure and should not be used on a long-term basis or during below-freezing temperatures. For your unexposed pipes, ensure that your home’s insulation is up to code; this will also keep your interior temperature from dropping too low.

Keep the Heater Running

Your house heater and thermostat should be kept at a stable temperature throughout the day and night, even if you are away at work or school. This will actually save you energy costs in the long run, and it will help prevent your pipes from freezing when you are away. If you choose to go on a winter vacation, keep your heater on and set it for 55°F or higher. This will protect your pipes from bursting and you coming home to a flood damage repair project.

We know that even with the best precautions, bad things can still happen. In the event of a burst or frozen pipe, Brock is here to help. Give us a call at 513-214-3879 for all of your restoration and emergency situation needs!