Does Bleach Remediate Mold?

If you’ve ever encountered mold in your home, you know that it can be a pain to remove. Before you immediately turn to bleach to remove that pesky growth, you need to be aware that this is extremely ineffective. Mold is defined as a type of fungus that is neither plant nor animal. Mold relies on spores to find the perfect location to grow, and once found, that spot provides the mold with food. Mold grows deep roots into the porous surface of its choosing, and thus, using something like bleach which is 90% water, will only help it to grow.

Reasons NOT to use bleach to clean mold:

  • Bleach is 90% water which, after cleaning, aids the remaining mold in growing much more
  • Bleach is not designed to clean porous surfaces, and thus cannot kill the roots that the mold has grown
  • Using bleach to treat mold can sometimes create a toxic gas
  • Using excessive bleach is toxic by itself, and should not be used to clean large areas like mold growth

So, it’s probably frustrating to find out that you can’t use bleach as it’s usually on hand in your household. However, we have some alternatives that you can try.


Mold can be a huge pain to get rid of. Please be aware that each of the alternatives listed can produce a toxic gas, as well as be dangerous to use. This is why we strongly suggest calling a mold removal team. We have the special equipment, as well as the know-how to remove your mold and ensure that it doesn’t return. We are always happy to make your home cleaner and safer. We’ll help your bathroom to looking brand new again. Give us a call at 513-214-3879!