Spotting the Signs of Mold in Your House

Mold in your home can mean a number of damaging effects to your property and your family’s health. These effects usually indicate that you will need professional mold remediation in Cincinnati. Continue reading for common signs that you have mold in your house and you need professional mold removal right away.

Your family has experienced health issues.

Health symptoms commonly associated with mold exposure range from mild allergy symptoms to severe respiratory issues. Mild symptoms might include a cough, sore throat, and runny nose. Those with asthma may notice increased difficulty breathing with signs such as wheezing or shortness of breath. Severe symptoms can include headaches and bleeding in the nose or lungs.

There is a distinct mold smell.

If you have smelled even hints of mold, but you cannot find the mold, then it might be hidden in the walls, basement, attic, or HVAC system. Be aware of where you smell mold the most. If the smell grows stronger in certain rooms or when the heater or cooler turns on, it most likely is coming from that area. Your mold removal experts will begin in these areas first.

You have seen mold in your house.

Though mold may be hard to locate,your clearest sign of mold will be when you can see it. Mold is usually found in damp areas like the bathroom and basement. If you have found traces of mold in these areas, or other water damaged areas of the house, then be on the lookout for more. Often, mold extends beyond the areas that are visible, so hiring a mold removal expert is the only way to detect all of the mold in your house and remove it.

There have been water leaks and humidity.

If your house has recently experienced water damage, leaky areas, or increased humidity, then you might be at risk for mold growth. Even without the previous signs, you should still be aware of the damage that increased moisture can do to your house and property. By working with a damage restoration company at the first signs of water damage, you can limit the potential for mold, thereby ensuring the safety and wellness of your family.