How to Recover After a Fire

Whether your home suffered a small fire or a large fire, the aftereffects can be equally damaging. Recovering from a house fire involves insurance companies and fire restoration. In addition to a comprehensive fire restoration service, consider speaking with someone who can help your family emotionally recover from the fire that has hit your home.

Contact Your Insurance Company

To start the recovery process, you need to contact your homeowner’s insurance provider to receive the recommended services your home will need to become whole again. Your insurance company can provide the necessary resources to help your family recover as your home is repaired. If needed, your family may stay in a hotel with costs covered by insurance while your home is undergoing fire damage restoration. Your family may also have health concerns from smoke inhalation and fire damage. Your insurance company can help address these home recovery and health concerns.

Schedule Fire Restoration Services

Immediately following a fire in your home, you need to schedule fire restoration services. If smoke and fire damage are allowed to linger, it is more likely that your home and possessions could be permanently damaged or destroyed. Every minute that smoke and soot set on the areas and possessions in your house, the soot is causing permanent discoloration, warping, and destruction. By scheduling fire smoke removal right away, a professional fire restoration company can come in as soon as possible to restore your linens, walls, possessions, and flooring. This will help save your damaged items and protect others from becoming damaged beyond the point of recovery.

Speak with a Counselor

With your possessions and home being cared for by your restoration company, you cannot forget about you and your family’s emotional well-being. It can be incredibly damaging to see treasured possessions be destroyed or feel unsafe in your home after a fire. Schedule time for your family to speak with a counselor. Make sure your children feel safe to speak with you about their concerns and fears.

Once you’ve gone through this process, make sure you prep your house for future fires or water damage. We want your home to go from fire damage to looking like this: