How Does Mold Affect Your Health?

If you suspect that mold could be affecting your indoor air quality, you should consider mold abatement near Cincinnati. Mold is a general term used to describe unwelcome fungus that grows in, on, or around your home, and can typically be identified by its black, white, green, orange, or brown patches that develop on affected surfaces. Often a result of water damage or high humidity levels, mold can negatively affect your health.

How Mold Starts

Fungus spores are a normal part of the environment. Outdoors and in nature, mold acts as a vital part of the ecologic system. Indoors, however, it can damage your property and adversely affect your health. Once mold spores enter your home through open windows, poorly insulated doors, or damaged HVAC systems, they will thrive if they can find a suitable place to grow. Mold growth in homes typically occurs anywhere where moisture accumulates, and often forms when homeowners neglect water damage restoration needs.

Where Mold Lives

Mold is a frequently overlooked and underestimated form of indoor air pollution that can develop in hidden areas such as inside attics, along air ducts, beneath carpeting, within crawlspaces, and in between walls. Because it only needs live spores, moisture, and low air flow to survive, mold can quickly gain a foothold in many homes. Once you notice signs of mold, such as patches of growth or a musty odor, it’s essential to have mold remediation specialists inspect your property right away. Places where mold typically grows are behind and under appliances, around roof or plumbing leaks, on foggy windows, under sinks, and in bathrooms.

How Mold Affects Your Health

Once mold begins growing in your home, it can negatively impact your air quality and affect the health of your family. Common symptoms of mold exposure include itchy rashes, joint pain, sinus issues, coughing, and wheezing. Exposure to some molds can cause more severe symptoms, particularly in sensitive individuals, which can include digestive, neurological, respiratory, and vascular health problems. If you think you may have a mold problem, consider mold abatement services to protect your family’s health.