What to Do in a Water Emergency

After a flood or heavy storm, it’s important to seek storm damage restoration near Cincinnati. You can reduce the extent of the water damage inside your home by having a clear plan for handling a flood, storm, or burst pipes. Here are the most important steps that you should take during and after a water emergency.

Evaluate and Mitigate Water Damage

If your water damage was caused by a burst pipe, leak, or broken water appliance, you should immediate shut off the water main for your home. This will reduce further damage to your home and belongings. Extensive water damage can make your home unsafe, as you may experience electrical problems and structural damage. Do not walk through flooded areas without first contacting a water damage repair company and electrician to perform a safety evaluation.

Seek Professional Water Removal and Water Damage Cleanup

If you have extensive water damage, you should not attempt water removal or water damage repair on your own. A water damage restoration company can offer years of experience and utilize high-tech water removal equipment to safely and completely perform disaster cleanup. Your water removal technician can also check for signs of mold growth caused by water damage. He will perform mold abatement and residential mold removal to reduce or eliminate your risk of health problems caused by mold exposure. Professional water removal services will ensure that you suffer as little water damage as possible, and will save you money by eliminating future water damage risks.

Hire a Restoration Contractor

If your home’s foundation, furniture, or key structures were severely damaged by water, you will need to hire a restoration contractor as soon as possible. Restoration services are a necessary element of water damage repair, and can prevent the need for expensive home improvement projects in the future. A restoration contractor can repair or replace ceilings, flooring, support beams, walls, plaster, foundations, and other structural elements that suffered from water damage. This will maintain the safety of your home, and the health of your family.