Surprising Facts About Mold in Your House

If your home has suffered from a flood, broken water appliance, or burst pipe, you should seek professional water removal and water damage restoration near Cincinnati. Without water removal, your home may develop mold and require costly mold damage restoration. Here is a look at some surprising facts about mold in your house.


Mold Needs Moisture to Grow

In order for mold to grow and thrive, it needs a food source, and a warm, moist, humid environment. Your home is much more likely to develop a mold problem if you experience leaking pipes or faucets, burst pipes or appliances, a flood, or storm damage. Mold grows most often around water appliances like faucets, showers, tubs, water heaters, and washing machines. It can also grow inside of walls, flooring, and ceilings, and behind wallpaper. Without water removal and mold remediation, mold growth will continue to spread.

Exposure to Mold Causes Health Problems

Once mold spores become airborne, they may be breathed into the lungs. This can cause or exacerbate serious health problems. Exposure to or inhalation of mold spores can contribute to allergies and respiratory problems. Mold exposure also makes symptoms of asthma and autoimmune disorders much worse. Mold spores can also cause pneumonia, respiratory infections, lung infections, cognitive disorders, confusion, disorientation, and chronic headaches. You can reduce your risk of serious health problems by contacting a mold damage restoration company as soon as possible for water removal, mold abatement, and full mold remediation services.

You Can’t Perform Effective Mold Abatement on Your Own

You should not attempt to perform mold remediation on your own. A professional mold cleaner can safely and effectively remove all traces of mold from your home. He will disinfect, restore, or remove belongings and structures that have been damaged or infected by mold growth, and provide mold damage repair when possible. He can also provide water removal, water damage cleanup, and reconstruction services to restore your home to its previous appearance.