The Water Damage Cleanup Process

The spring season is just around the corner, and this time of year may bring additional rain and other weather events to the state of Ohio. In the event that your home experiences flooding, you will want to schedule water damage restoration as soon as possible after the incident. With the help of a company offering
storm damage restoration near Cincinnati, you can ensure that your water removal is performed in a safe and efficient manner. A restoration company will have the tools needed to completely remove water damage from your home. To help you understand what to expect from your service, here is a look at the process of cleaning up water damage.

Water Damage Cleanup

Damage Assessment

The first step of water damage cleanup is to thoroughly assess the extent of the damage. When your technicians arrive at your home, they will receive written authorization from you to start the clean up process. Each damaged area of your home will be thoroughly and carefully evaluated so that your team has a better idea of the scope of the restoration. Once the evaluation process has been completed, the cleanup can begin.

Extraction of Water

Perhaps one of the most important steps of water damage repair is water extraction. When your home experiences water damage, there may be excess amounts of water left throughout your property. Your restoration company will use specialized tools in order to remove all of the water from your home. For example, some of the tools used during water extraction include high-powered vacuums, fans, and dehumidifiers.

Mold Prevention

The final step of water damage cleanup is to perform a series of mold prevention measures. When water damage affects your home, your property could be at risk of developing a serious mold problem. Since mold can grow and spread very quickly, you will need to address any mold issues as soon as possible after the flooding event. Using antimicrobial treatments, your restoration team can help prevent the growth and spread of mold in your home.