4 Spring Cleaning Tips to Avoid Disasters

4 Spring Cleaning Tips to Avoid Disaster

As the seasons change, chances for disaster within the home can become even more likely. As winter turns to spring melting snow and changing temperatures can lead to disaster within the home, including water damage and mold. Take the spring cleaning steps necessary to keep your home clean and free of of disaster.


The Carpet


During the winter, mud and snow are tracked inside, sometimes onto the carpets. This continues on into spring as rain storms keep mud present around the home. Take time this spring to do a thorough cleaning of your carpet. Not only will this help extend the life of your carpet, it will help avoid mold in this part of your home. Pay special attention to areas of your home with high traffic. You can contact a professional carpet cleaning service, or rent your own cleaner from somewhere nearby.


Check the A/C


Before starting up your air conditioning unit this season, get it serviced by a professional. Not only will this increase your energy efficiency and savings, but can help prevent the possibility of damage. Your air conditioning unit uses water to function. If the trays aren’t set up properly, or have become damaged over the season of disuse, water will leak, causing damage to the carpet, walls, and other things around. Avoid this water and potential mold damage by having your A/C checked before use.


Lower the Humidity


Summer humidity can quickly lead to mold. If you live in a humid area, try a dehumidifier in your home to reduce these levels, ensuring your home is not the perfect condition for mold. In addition to lowering your risk of mold growth, lower humidity levels combat the presence of dust mites. Make sure your home is at an optimal humidity level before dust and mold can accumulate in your home.


Keep Your Home Tidy


Make a goal to rid your home of clutter this spring. Rooms with high amounts of clutter leave room for disasters, pests, and other problems to happen. Often times in these cases, small problems turn into disasters because it’s difficult to identify and fix them in the early stages. Make a goal to tidy up one area of your home at a time until you have a good hold on the cleaning structure.

Spring cleaning is an important step. Use this chance as the weather gets warmer to assess your home situation, avoiding common spring disasters. Take care of these things before you need professional mold removal help.