Cincinnati Disaster Resource Guide

disaster restoration guideDisaster preparation begins with understanding regional risks and available resources for planning, assimilating information, and understanding aftermath recovery. Many local resources can also provide detailed information on preparing emergency kits, coordinating with community organizations to initiate responses, and providing volunteer opportunities. When planning a disaster response, check out local resources to aid in the preparation process. Here are a few Ohio resources to consider during your preparation.

Greater Cincinnati Health Council

The Greater Cincinnati Health Council provides information on disaster preparation, volunteer opportunities, and other resources for residents of Cincinnati. For local planning and recovery information, this is a good place to begin.

City of Cincinnati

The Cincinnati Health Department has detailed information on a variety of public health threats and natural disasters, as well as tips of getting prepared for the first 72 hours of an emergency. This is a great resource for comprehensive local emergency disaster awareness and preparation.

Red Cross Cincinnati

The Red Cross Cincinnati chapter provides detailed local infomation on disaster recovery. Donations, volunteering, news, events, and disaster training are all covered here. The Red Cross is a leading national disaster recovery resource.


FEMA is a comprehensive information portal on everything disaster related. From planning before, during, and after to recovery and community response teams, if you are reseaching disaster preparation, FEMA is a one stop resource.