Working With Your Insurance Adjusters

After an accident, theft, or disaster, dealing with the insurance company can be a difficult task. There are multiple parties that you will be interacting with when you pursue an insurance claim, therefore, it is first important to understand who is who. When you purchase an insurance policy, the person selling you the policy and managing your policy is the agent. This is who you generally call first when reporting a claim. This person can assist you in understanding your policy and help you in moving forward with the claim by putting you in contact with the next party–the adjuster.

What is an Insurance Adjuster?

The insurance adjuster is the person who will investigate the claim, assess the details of the incident relating to the claim, look at costs for restoration and replacement, and act as an advocate for the insurance company to protect them from liability. In short, this is the person who will be handling the bulk of the claim and determining whether or not the insurance company will honor the claim. Because of this often delicate interaction, it is important to understand how to work with your adjusters.


Getting Along with the Adjuster

Since the insurance adjuster occupies an important role in issuing coverage for the incident for which you are filing the claim, it is important to understand a little about the claims process and maintain a courteous disposition to the adjuster when discussing the claim. Always have details at hand when providing information regarding the incident and document every step of the claims process. Do some research and find out the approximate monetary value of anything lost or damaged to help expiate the claim.

Make sure you provide the most accurate information possible and keep cool when the adjuster asks you relevant questions to evaluate the circumstances surrounding the claim. The job of an insurance adjuster can be a tedious, difficult job since they are the intermediary between you, the policyholder, and the insurance company. They are responsible for the insurance expenditures and must justify all costs and assess liability for the insurance company.

Because of this it cannot be emphasized enough to document everything and prepare requests or concerns in writing. The adjuster is charged with controlling the cost of the claim and, though they are not explicitly working against you, the insurance company’s interests and liability comes first. As long as you are thorough, professional, and persistent, dealing with the insurance adjuster to resolve a restoration insurance claim should be pretty routine.