Tornado Shelter 101

As we begin the month of April, we are seeing signs of tornado advisories, watches, and warnings throughout the nation.  Living in Ohio, we are well aware of where to take cover when it comes to a tornado: a storm shelter.

Now, what about those of us who do not have a storm shelter? We want to be safe and feel we are safe in the event of a tornado. So where can you take safety if you do not have a storm shelter? Below are a few tips on where to keep safe.

The Basement

If you have a basement level in your home, hide in the basement.  Stay away from any outer walls or windows, and hide under a sturdy table or even the stairs. Hiding under a sturdy table will allow you some protection from falling objects.

The Bathroom or Closet

If you do not have a basement (or if you do) you should try to take shelter in a small, windowless, interior room such as a closet or a bathroom. In a bathroom, it is best to lay flat in the bathtub with a cushion or mattress over the top of you. By doing this, you can be more protected on all sides of you, as well as potentially have more protection by the durability of a bathroom.  Plumbing in the walls may also provide stability for the walls to stay up.

The best option, for any type of building or structure you are in is to always head to an interior and windowless room.  If you are in a car, mobile home, or walking around… do not stay and do not try to hide in a freeway underpass. It is best to leave the area and if you cannot take shelter in a stable building, then lay flat in a ditch and cover your head from flying debris.

Let us pray that this tornado season is not as devastating as we have seen the past few years. Stay safe, readers!