How To Construct A Solar Oven

brock restoration emergency prepWhether you’re a kid looking for a science fair project idea, someone who’s trying to conserve a little energy, or you’re trying to become one with nature, here we provide the different tips and tricks for constructing a solar oven.

Solar ovens use the energy from direct sunlight to heat or cook food. They are mostly used when fuel is low and if there is any danger of accidental fire.

Constructing Your Solar Oven

  1. Start with a simple cardboard box
  2. Find a smaller cardboard box and paint the inside black to keep it hotter
  3. Stuff shredded paper around the smaller cardboard box for insulation
  4. Cut 4 pieces of cardboard to use as reflectors for your solar oven. Make sure that the side reflector sides that touch the box are of equal widths. The ends of the reflectors should be wider, to capture more sunlight
  5. Cover the reflectors in aluminum foil, or another type of reflective material
  6. Use staples to attach the reflectors to the larger cardboard box
  7. Prop the reflectors up at a 45° angle by gluing rods to the reflectors
  8. Optional: some find more success with their solar oven by placing a sheet of glass over the cardboard box
  9. Cook your food under full sun in dark pans or pots. Remember to readjust the solar oven throughout the day so the food can cook thoroughly.

Keep in mind that the cooking process for solar ovens is very slow. You may need to play with the cooking times, and remember that your cooking success will heavily depend on the weather. Enjoy cooking your food using no trees, fire or fossil fuels!