Causes of Sewage Spills

Sewage backup is a nightmare and this is true no matter where it occurs. Although it is horrible and harmful to health, you have no choice but to deal with the cleanup process. The reason why you should begin the cleanup process immediately is the same: sewage is horrible and harmful to health.

In Cincinnati this problem can affect home and business owners alike. When faced with a sewage cleanup situation, many property owners wish they could have prevented what caused it. As a matter of fact, the first step to avoid dealing with sewage cleanup is to know the reasons why sewer backup happens.

Accumulation of Waste

The most common cause of pipe and sewer blockage, and probably the easiest to control, is the accumulation of wastes that are difficult for the pipes to handle. Examples of these are grease, hair, disposable diapers, sanitary napkins, and large garbage or debris. Usually, this problem is local and the water that will back up is from your home.

The amount depends on the volume of water you use so if you turn off the water valve, it will drain slowly. However, it will return once you use water again. The preventive measure is simple: proper waste disposal and extra care to avoid having items accidentally fall in toilet bowls and sinks. For instance, collect oil and grease instead of draining in the sink.

Tree Roots

Homeowners should also be cautious of tree roots that can cause backups. Blockages can be caused by roots that enter service pipes. Additionally, they can damage pipes as they grow. Debris and other materials in local street sewers can also lead to blockages and sewer problems. Keep the surrounding areas clean and participate in neighborhood cleanups.

Structure Defects

Another cause of sewage backup is defects in the structure. Over time, even the sewer lines can become damaged due to deterioration of pipes. Similar to sanitary sewer flooding caused by heavy rains, this can be difficult for ordinary homeowners to remedy. They should cooperate with the local government to make sure that these things won’t cause sewer problems.

Note that the city is accountable for sewage problems in the main sewer lines. Property owners take responsibility only when the damages are in the lateral lines or the lines between the main and the property owner’s. If there are issues you need to clarify or problems to report, get in touch with the Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati.

Hire Reliable Help

Finally, you can avoid dealing with sewage backup yourself when you hire a reliable sewage cleanup Cincinnati contractor instead of doing the cleanup yourself. In many ways, this is the best option because only an expert can safely and effectively handle this kind of problem. Keep in mind that there are many unknown risks in sewage. Sewage cleanup is considered an emergency service so you can call the contractor anytime and expect quick response especially if it is a local service provider.