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What to Anticipate in Water Damage Cleanup

With winter well on its way (or for some of you winter may already be here), water damage can be more of an issue than in the spring. If ever you experience any water damage to your home or business, here’s what you should expect.


As soon as you discover water damage to or in your home, call a professional immediately. There’s nothing worse than waiting too long to resolve water damage issues. Such damage, left untreated will only spread and increase in damage. And as water damage gets worse it will ultimately mean you’ll have to spend more money to repair it. So, once you discover water damage in or around your home, call a professional immediately.

Water damage professionals understand the urgency in situations so most of them are available 24/7. Once you have made contact, professionals will come to your home to properly assess the damage, usually using precision equipment.


After assessing the damage done to your home, water damage professionals will usually go over property restoration. This can include anything on or around the property to personal items like photographs, clothing or other items of sentiment.

Plan of Attack

After speaking of personal item restorations, they will formulate the best plan of attack to best restore your home and to prevent more damage from occurring in or around your home. Professionals will talk you through their plan step-by-step on how they will clean and restore your home.

These steps may include anything from removing carpet pads, baseboards, adding air movers or dehumidifiers, and using furniture blogs in carpeted areas. At this point your water damage clean up team will probably go over insurance information, whether you’re covered or not, and if they need to be working directly with your insurance company.

Taking Action

Once the cleaning process starts your cleaning team will most likely take pictures of all the damaged areas. Throughout the cleaning process, any loose debris from carpet pads or baseboards will be removed with your approval and the workspace left clean.

In the event that mold is discovered as a result of the water damage, most companies can either help or refer you to someone who is a professional in mold remediation.

The End

After your water damage clean up team finishes their work, your home will be cleaned of all their equipment and your home will be dry and you will be able to start any restoration plans you may have.

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By Fiona Marcelino