Uncategorized Nov 20 2015 Author: Brock Restoration

Turkey Time!

Turkey Time!

It’s time for family, football, food, and TURKEY! We all get busy around this time preparing for all the family and food. Here are a couple of wonderful time saving apps so your Turkey Time won’t be spoiled.

Here are a couple of helpful apps that will make cooking a lot easier:

  • KitchenPad Timer ($2) – Cook your meals with the wonderful app that times the different food you’re cooking in one place.


  • Thanksgiving Menu Maker! Create a fabulous menu with this app.
  • Time to Roast ($2) – Roast like a pro with this app and know exactly how long to roast.thanksgivingfood3-100532515-large
  • Wave Timer (Free) – Messy hands? Wave your hand over the timer and it’s done and continue with the mess you were making!


  • Turkey Calculator (Free) – This is a web app but can be accessed from a smartphone for free. Know how long to cook if your turkey is stuffed or not stuffed.
  • Butter Ball Cookbook Plus (Free) – Butterball will help you plan and prepare a wonderful Turkey dinner with a lot of different options to cook the turkey.


Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Be safe with all the cooking and never leave anything unattended.