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Tips for Preventing Mold

Tips for Preventing Mold

Too often, mold goes undetected in the home until it becomes a big problem. The sooner mold is detected, the easier it will be to remove and clean your home. Better yet, prevent mold before it has the chance to infiltrate your home. Follow these tips to prevent mold from makings itself at home, stopping the problem before it has the chance to build.


Conduct an Audit of Your Home


It would be impossible to completely mold proof your home, but you can take the steps to make it more resistant. Conduct an audit of your home, looking for problem areas. Check the attic, the basement, and anywhere else that may be less visited than other areas. Check not only for signs of mold, but for signs of problems that could easily lead to mold. Address these issues at their earliest stage to avoid larger problems down the road.


Dry Any Wet Spots

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Without moisture, mold cannot grow. This gives us a good idea of where to start with our mold audit. Any area of your home that has moisture when it shouldn’t needs to be addressed. Whether it’s from a leaking pipe, or a spill from your Christmas tree water, make sure you clean it up as soon as possible. The longer it’s left to sit, the higher the chance for mold to grow.


Ventilate Your Home


Ventilation, especially in the bathroom, is essential in the home. This will help prevent moisture from forming, subsequently preventing mold. Even the simple everyday tasks like cooking dinner and taking a shower can cause mold without the proper ventilation. Make sure this is taken care of in your home. Check your AC on a regular basis to ensure it is properly ventilated, not promoting mold growth in your home.


Keep Water Away from the Foundation of your Home

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Water resting against the foundation of your home is bad for the structure, and should be avoided. If the walkway around your home is slanted towards the walls, get this repaired, otherwise water will rest directly here, eventually seeping and causing cracks.  Make sure your gutters at intact, directing water away from your home instead of towards it.

You can prevent mold in your home through these four easy steps. Preventing is much easier than dealing with a mold removal project down the road. While they may seem basic, they’ll be instrumental in keeping mold out, preventing the problem before it can cost you.