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What to Do if Your Roof is on Fire

Our home is where we feel safe but it can be exposed to many dangers. Fire is one of the most common elements that destroy a house. A home can catch on fire for a multitude of reasons.

Someone lit a candle for a sensual night of passion. To kill the mood the curtains are set aflame because the candle was too close to them.  Mom’s attempt at making something other than meatloaf for dinner catches on fire. The wires of the house are old and faulty and your husband has not gotten around to having them replaced.

One thing that we don’t like to think of is that a very common cause for house fires is our children. Children have curiosity and can cause fires thinking, “What happens when something burns?” Children may be mischievous and play with fire because they are not supposed to. Children may be angry and destructive and fire looks cool when things burn.

Fire Safety

It is very important to teach children the importance of fire safety. It is not your child’s fault that they are curious about the world. They just came that way. If your older children are still setting things on fire after you talk with them about fire safety, it is time to hide items that are flammable.

Having your home catch on fire is a terrible thing to happen. By giving children instructions on what they should not play with, we can help prevent one aspect of fire cause.  In keeping fire hazards out of reach of young children, you keep your home safer.

Be cautious

  • If you are a smoker, keep lighters in the medicine cabinet or in high places where small children cannot reach.
  • Keep matches on high counters out of reach
  • If you have older children, do not let them see where you keep lighters and matches
  • If you have fireworks, place them high out of reach or get rid of them all together

If There is a Fire

If for any reason, there is a fire in your home look for a disaster cleanup crew to help you. We can only do so much to prevent fires, but it can still happen unexpectedly, and if it does you need to find who can provide all the services you need.

Let the professionals at Brock Restoration be there for you to put your mind at ease.

Put your mind, your family and home at ease. Talk to your children about fire safety, and have a disaster cleanup crew on speed dial as a back up plan.