Fire, Uncategorized Jul 15 2012 Author: Brock Restoration

The Importance of Boarding Up Your Home To Avoid Fire Damage

Cincinnati takes pride in having the country’s oldest fully-paid professional fire department. Since its organization in 1853, the Cincinnati Fire Department has proven their capability in numerous fire incidents. However, even the department’s excellent and prompt actions cannot guarantee that these incidents won’t result in fire damage in Cincinnati. Once fire hits a property, fire damage is expected. The only question is how bad these damages end up.

Most of the time, fire incidents result in broken doors and windows since firefighters may have to use force to enter a home or building. Additionally, fire causes damage to the structure, making these openings weak and vulnerable to natural and man-made risks. In such cases, calling a board up contractor in Cincinnati should be your priority to ensure that cleanup and restoration work will proceed smoothly. Boarding up is also done for the safety of homeowners and everyone who will participate in the cleanup.

Fire damage restoration usually takes a few days or more and for your safety and health, you may need to stay somewhere else during this time. Your home should be protected from any inclement weather as well as from theft and vandalism. This can secure your place from these threats and, by proper boarding up, it often means hiring a professional company.

Call the Experts

Although you may have the skills to do it yourself, it is best to contact experts. They also sometimes use materials that are sturdier and more effective than plywood such as steel and clear polycarbonate panels. In most fire damage Cincinnati situations, electricity may not available so having clear polycarbonate panels will be beneficial because it permits light to enter the property even after the installation process.

Your professional board up Cincinnati contractor can also provide specialized services. They are experts at securing oversized windows and glass doors which can be difficult for homeowners to do. They use beams and braces for additional support.

One lesser known service that your board up service provider can offer is checking your home for dangerous electrical connections as well as gas lines and water lines left open. Oftentimes, because fire is an emergency situation, people forget to unplug appliances and disconnect utilities. The board up team can do this for you to prevent more serious problems like leaks, short circuits and even another instance of fire.

With a trustworthy board up Cincinnati contractor, fire damage in Cincinnati can be minimized. From minor tasks to complicated ones, your board up team can make your post-fire situation more bearable.