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Brock Restoration Aug 17 2015

Fires are caused by a number of different reasons including mishaps cooking, grilling, smoking and poor electrical wiring systems. No matter the cause of the fire, people often times wish the whole ordeal never happened. Luckily, we can help get everything back to order with our fire and smoke restoration services. To give you a…

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Brock Restoration Aug 18 2014

  Google has launched a new web application to help people search for friends and relatives affected by a disaster. A disaster is a chaotic and stressful time and finding the whereabouts and status of loved ones is a significant contribution to the stress of this time. The app itself is an open source tool…

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Brock Restoration May 13 2014

Disaster preparation begins with understanding regional risks and available resources for planning, assimilating information, and understanding aftermath recovery. Many local resources can also provide detailed information on preparing emergency kits, coordinating with community organizations to initiate responses, and providing volunteer opportunities. When planning a disaster response, check out local resources to aid in the preparation…

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