Tag: disaster planning

Brock Restoration Aug 11 2014

In most regions, certain types of disasters are more common than others. Disaster preparation, therefore, naturally focuses around these types of storms and weather events. For a more complete disaster preparation, however, it is important to think about less common regional disasters or disasters that could occur anywhere but are improbable. Events like disease outbreaks,…

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Brock Restoration Aug 06 2014

A recent water crisis in Toledo forced residents to seek alternative drinking water sources. For over 400,000 people, this past weekend was one without running tap water after a large quantity of toxins were found in the tap water. This weekend ban extended from northwest Ohio to southeast Michigan and is thought to have been…

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Brock Restoration Apr 21 2014

Disasters are sudden. Even when they are forecast, disasters are shocking in their power. Because of this, the importance of an emergency response program is high. Planning for the destructive potential for a disaster not only enables you to confront a disaster situation immediately, it can accelerate recovery time. The best form of recovery plan…

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