Disaster Cleanup Services, Flood Damage, Mold Build Up, Mold Odor Jul 01 2016 Author: Brock Restoration

Recognizing Mold in Your House

Before you can seek mold damage repair near Cincinnati, you’ll need to understand how to recognize the indicators of a mold problem. The sooner you contact a residential mold removal service, the sooner you can go back to enjoying a clean and healthy living space. Watch this video for tips on recognizing mold in your house so you know when to call for mold remediation.

A mold problem comes with a few typical signs to keep in mind. Mold grows in warm, dark, moist areas and thus tends to crop up in your kitchens and showers. Although some types of mold do not emit any kind of odor, others give off a musty smell; keep in mind that this aroma can vary along with the weather. Mold may have a fuzzy or a slimy texture and can be found on or behind almost any surface. Be sure to set up proper ventilation in your kitchens, basements, and bathrooms to avoid a mold problem and the need for mold removal.