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Most Common Causes of House Fires

House fires are frightening in many different ways. They have the potential to damage your most valued belongings in a short amount of time, put the lives of you, your family, and your pets in danger, and have enough fuel to keep going, spreading throughout your home. Many of these house fires could have been prevented with a little extra planning from the homeowner. Make sure that you take every precaution possible to prevent this from happening in your home. An unfortunate number of home fires could have been prevented with proper planning, don’t let yours be added to this statistic.


Even as the facts come forward about how dangerous smoking is, across the country many people continue to light up within their homes every day. If you are one of those people, make sure to put out the cigarette after your smoke. About 580 people are killed every year not from smoking, but from fires caused by smoking. The majority of these fires start inside, so if you are a smoker, consider doing so outside. After each time you smoke be sure to put out the butt completely to prevent a fire.

The Electrical Wiring

Don’t overload the outlets in your home. Although it may seem convenient to do so at the time, it greatly increases the potential of a house fire. Electrical wiring that isn’t done right is the fourth most common cause of fires in the home and results in millions of dollars of damage every year. Make sure you have your electrical installed by a professional and don’t overuse extension cords or other methods to plug more than allowed into one socket.


The third most common cause of house fires can be completely preventable. Arsonists cause almost two thirds of fires in the home that were intentionally started. These resulted in 330 deaths and close to a thousand injuries a year. In most situations, these intentional fires are started in trash cans inside the house in most cases in the bedroom.

Chimneys and Heaters

Heating equipment will cause thousands of house fires every year. A good majority of these were caused in the chimney or by space heaters. To prevent these fires from occurring, make sure to keep your chimney clean, especially at the beginning and end of the season it will be used. Check your space heater and ensure it is not touching other objects that may cause a fire. Never leave these products running when you aren’t around it, or overnight.


The number one cause of fires in the home comes from cooking equipment. If you are grilling, boiling, or frying anything in your home, don’t leave the kitchen. Stay on watch to ensure nothing out of the ordinary will happen. This is especially important with a gas range. Keep dish rags and other items away while cooking to prevent a fire from starting.

House fires are far too common across the country, and with proper planning many of them can be avoided. Make any changes necessary in your home to better protect it against fires, starting with these common causes.