Storm, Uncategorized, Water Feb 05 2014 Author: Brock Restoration

More Unrelenting Winter Storms in the Midwest

The Midwestern U.S cannot catch it’s breath from the punishing winter weather that has settled over the region. Another severe winter storm, again charged with arctic temperatures and heavy snowfall, has pushed across the midwest in unrelenting pace. February is proving to be a cold month of lingering winter storms in this region and across the northeast U.S. The recent storms have affected a wide swath of the U.S for the past couple months, but the northeastern region and Midwest have been hit especially hard, while much of the west coast lingers in drought conditions. It is a stark contrast in a season typically associated with high precipitation nationwide.


The continuation of harsh winter weather reinforces the importance of cold weather preparedness at home. Frozen pipes, ice dams, roof damage, and other perils of cold weather are still an ongoing concern for most of the U.S–including, most recently, the deep south. Preventing mishaps with supplemental heating sources and protecting vital appliances and components of the home are the top priorities during the cold. Make sure water heaters and furnaces are in working order, seal cracks and openings around doors and windows to retain heat, and insulate exterior pipes from cold. If you have a fireplace, make sure to keep the chimney clean from creosote to prevent the risk of a fire and unplug all heating devices after use.


Other ongoing precautions involve making sure your attic is properly insulated and keeping heavy snow accumulation off the roof. Layers of ice and snow can stress the roof beyond its maximum load capacity and cause damage. Use a roof rake to clear excess snow off the roof from a safe position on the ground. Doing this after a recent snowfall is important since the existing weight of snow and ice plus the fresh snow can compromise the roof and lead to expensive structural and water damage. The Midwest remains in the grasp of a harsh polar winter that requires sustained preparation. Ongoing measures to mitigate the effect of the unforgiving cold are necessary for safety and everyday functioning of cities and towns seized by endless winter.