Fire Damage Restoration, Flood Water Removal Apr 15 2016 Author: Brock Restoration

Cleaning Up Your House After a Fire

If a fire has damaged your home, it’s important to seek fire damage restoration in Cincinnati as soon as possible. Professional fire damage repair is necessary to prevent further damage and loss of value to your home. Immediate action is recommended because repair costs escalate and damage increases while fire damage restoration is delayed. The effects of a large-scale fire can be devastating and should be dealt with by experts.


Removing Residue

When a fire is in progress, combustion causes vapors and soot to move upward and outward, coating any surface of your house that they reach. These substances form a residue where they land and quickly harden. Residue from a fire is difficult to remove, but the sooner fire damage restoration professionals are called, the easier it will be to eliminate. When left untreated, the acids in this residue can cause permanent discoloring to paint, vinyl flooring, and upholstery, and can also corrode and rust metal.

Removing Odor

Restoration professionals address the odor left behind after a fire by first removing any source of odor, such as burned and unsalvageable debris. Surfaces and materials that can be saved are then cleaned of any residue, and in some cases, a deodorizing fog will be used as an odor counteractant. Partially damaged surfaces that are still salvageable can be sealed to hide visible damage and to encapsulate sources of odor.

Water Damage

In many cases, water is used to put out residential fires. The water stops further damage from fire, but can do damage of its own as well. Materials such as carpeting, furniture, and bedding retain moisture and can begin to grow mold within days. When not addressed, water can accumulate under baseboards and soak insulation, causing more damage the longer it’s left and making your home vulnerable to pests and mold growth. Flooring and other structures may need to be removed to find pockets where water may have pooled to prevent further damage.