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Brock Restoration Jan 20 2017

Whether an unattended candle fell over or you became distracted while cooking for the family, any size fire should be handled properly. Most people are not so familiar with fire restoration in Cincinnati, OH, so you may be wondering how it works. You’ll need clearance to go back in your house as well as the…

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Brock Restoration Nov 04 2016

Nothing beats the feeling of snuggling up to a crackling fire on a cold winter’s day. If you are planning on building fires in your fireplace, it is important to make sure that your fireplace is prepared for use. During the off season, your fireplace could become clogged and otherwise damaged. Without proper preparation, you…

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Brock Restoration Oct 28 2016

During the winter months, your home’s pipes could be at risk of freezing and bursting. Though we would obviously all prefer to avoid this, sometimes you cannot avoid the inevitable. We wanted to let you know quickly what to do in the event of a burst pipe, so just have a quick look at our…

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