Category: Emergency Preparedness

Brock Restoration Jan 19 2016

Ohio is subject to harsh winter conditions. From freezing temperatures well below zero, to freezing rains and never-ending snow storms, there’s a lot to be prepared for. For this reason, the National Weather Service sends out “storm watches” and “storm warnings.” What are the differences between the two? What do I need to do when…

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Brock Restoration Dec 16 2015

Winter is officially here. The temperatures have dropped and the storms are rolling in. Ohio is definitely no exception. Home and apartment owners know that with cold weather comes the damaging effect of it. One of these damaging effects is that of freezing and bursting pipes. How Frozen Pipes Happen To understanding how frozen pipes…

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Brock Restoration Sep 09 2015

It’s official—summer has ended. With Labor Day passing and the weather cooling off it is definitely the beginning of autumn. This means one thing: back to school. Whether your kids are excited or not it’s that time again to hit the books. You’ve probably done the back-to-school shopping to get notebooks and new shoes but…

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